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Week 8 – Truth & Subjectivity: Post Modern Casualties or Victims of PR Piracy?

June 29, 2011

Journalists and PR practitioners both rely on each other because of the symbiotic relationship that both have. Journalists nowadays are expected to publish more stories in less time, especially in this competitive market. And one way to get this substantial amount of stories is from public relations practitioners, through their Press release submissions. In a survey conducted by Franklin & William, they found that 92% of the respondents said they use more PR material than they used to. 80% said they use more agency copy (PR VS Journalism, 2007). An executive from an ad agency J.Walter Thompson reckons 60% of the New York Time’s stories come from PR. And we all know now that when a PR practitioner writes something, it is always to protect the interest of the organization that they are working with. This gave rise to the questions ‘is absolute truth really possible?’ and whether journalist today can still be trusted.

In answering the question, the group brings about a good point. In order to stray away from biasness, it is always good to ‘check and balance’. A story would have been credible if there is a justification from an expert. They also recommend the readers not to believe anything you hear or read until it has been verified by the most authoritative sources possible.


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Xue, W & Guo, L, 2011, Truth & Objectivity: Post Modern Casualties or Victims of PR Piracy?, PSB Academy, 28 June 2011.


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