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Week 6 – Journalism and it’s negotiation of online, the blogosphere and social media

June 7, 2011

Journalist can be defined as “an intermediary between the people who want to know about the information and the sources of information…at the same the journalist is a filter of information” (Peter Cave in Tapsall & Varley 2001). Initially in the era where Internet has not penetrated into many cities, people rely heavily on the journalist, and the news written by them are often deemed as most accurate. However now with the ease of technology, there are many “medium” between the source of information and the public.

The current trend is that everyone is a journalist in their own world. Be it in blogs or micro-blog (like Twitter and facebook) people, like us, can easily update the news in real-time without being edited.

However do you think that Bloggers should be considered as Journalist? And what are the challenges that technology bring to journalist?

News should always be checked and balance. Like a senior journalist once said “As a journalist, you need to remember one word – attribution”. Seldom ‘news’ written by ordinary people, or even journalist themselves, mentioned about the sources of information that they use to write their blogs (or micro blogs). This is perhaps what makes it less credible with the mainstream media.

What BBC does to make use of technology to tap resources from audience for their online publication.

Moreover, because bloggers and people like us, as human beings, we tend to have our certain level of biasness towards something. But isn’t it something that Journalist should avoid; personal opinion? That’s why online-published news should not be taken for primary source of information and newspaper editors should always proof-read before an article published in the public. Even though it seems right for the person who writes it, it may not be appropriate for majority audience.

While social network will only provide us with news flash, and cater to specific group of people, Newspaper editors should see the blogosphere as the next generation of knowledgable, clever, engaged political commentators that may have different view from the increasingly “presidential” narratives of the mainstream media (Wilson, Bruns, and Saunders, 2011).

Click here to read the full article from abc concerning the relationship between mainstream media and citizen-led media.Who’s Afraid of the MSM?


Tapsall, S & Varley, C 2001, Journalism Theory in Practice, Oxford University Press, Australia.

Wilson,  J, Bruns, A & Saunders, B 2011, Who’s afraid of the MSM?, accessed 5 June 2011, <;.


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  1. c3097338 permalink

    I highly make it appoint to label bloggers as Journalist. I don’t feel they are credible enough to be used as a reference point especially during a serious event or topic. Blogs are a platform to voice out their personal thoughts and feelings. For instance, Xiaxue a well-known blogger in Singapore would not be regarded as a journalist in any way. Her blog is a clear platform where she voices everything and anything under the sun. Some posts are unethical or credible enough. So I truly support the statement of ” Bloggers are not considered as Journalist”

    Laura Pereira

    • Totally agree! since there are no regulation in the new media, bloggers are more prone to biases. especially bloggers such as Lady Iron chef, who is actually a GUY, has a reputation of too demanding by writing based by his personal experience about the store, rather than the actual quality of the food. Blogs are often light and entertaining, and shall only be used as additional means of information. Often, it is there to build up our understanding about the news covered in MSM (e.g: Yawning Bread).

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